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Cookie Policy

1. Cookies Policy


1.1. Types of Cookies

The Service Provider may use the following types of cookies in the Platform:

1.temporary cookies which are deleted after leaving of the website or closing of the web browser;
2.permanent cookies which are stored in the end device of the User for indefinite time or to the moment when the User deletes them by themselves;
3.statistical cookies allowing for tracking of traffic in the Platform;
4.functional cookies allowing for tailoring of the website for the User;
5.advertising cookies allowing for provision of the User with the Contents which are adjusted to their personal preferences;
6.necessary cookies and security cookies relating to observance of the security principles within Platform functioning as well as of the authentication principles.

1.2. Purposes of use
The Service Provider will use cookies for the following purposes:

1.optimization and improvement of efficiency and quality of the provided services;
2.correct configuration of the functions offered in the Platform;
3.tailoring of the displayed Contents and advertisements to the visitors of the Platform;
4.maintenance of the User session in the Platform (after logging in), thanks to which the User does not have to re-enter the Login and Password on every sub-site;
5.ensuring of security and reliability of the Platform;
6.collection and use of the general data as well as of the publicly visible statistical data via analytic tools.

1.3. Analysis
In order to ensure the top quality, cookies shall be analyzed to determine which sub-sites are visited the most often, what web browsers are used by the visitors and whether the site structure does not contain any errors.

1.4. Cooperation with Entities
Cookies inserted in the end device of the Platform User may be used also by other entities affecting the quality of the offered services. The User may change the settings relating to cookies by themselves and at any time, determining the terms & conditions of their storage and of obtaining access thereto in the device of the User. The User may change the settings determined in the preceding sentence by means of web browser settings or by means of service configuration. These settings may be changed in such a way as to block automatic support of cookies in the settings of the web browser or as to inform on insertion of a cookie in the device of the User each time.

1.5. User Rights
The User may delete cookies at any time, using the available functions in the used web browser. Restriction or blocking of cookies by the web browser used by the User shall not result in the impossibility to participate in the Platform but it may cause difficulties or irregularities in its functioning, which the Service Provider shall not be liable for. It is recommended to use the software with enabled cookies. If the User visits the Platform and the settings of his browser allow the storage of cookies on his terminal device, the Service Provider considers such settings to be consent to the processing of personal data and the storage of cookies. If the User does not want cookies to be stored on his device, he can disable this function on his device.

The service provider continuously analyzes cookies in order to find out which services are the most attractive for the user

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